METR 5303

Objective Analysis and Data Assimilation
Course Home Page (Fall 2019)

Lecture Time: Tuesday, Thursday 1:00 -2:15 pm
Location: Room 5930, NWC

Instructors: Dr Ming Xue
NWC Room 2502
Tel: 325 6037

Office Hours:  Tuesday, Thursday 2:15pm - 3:00pm or by appointment is an email alias for the entire class (to be set up).


Lecture notes and Reference Papers on Objective Analyses

Lecture #1

Lecture #2

Lecture #3

Lecture #4

Review of Probability

Lecture #5

Daley Book Appendex D and E

Computer Program #1 and Input data and Map Projections. Revised assignment with updated grid parameters

Lecture #6

Panofsky (1949) Gilchrist and Cressman (1954)
Bergthorsson and Doos
Cressman (1959)

Lecture #7

Lecture #8

Lecture #9, #10

Barnes (1964)

Koch et al. (1983)

Lecture #11

Lecture #12-13

Lecture #14

Knowledge Expectation for Exam 1

Computer Problem #2. With revised grid parameters

Computer Problem #3

  • Optimal Interpolation (OI)  Part I    Part II
  • ECMWF Lecture Notes on Data Assimilation
    Lorenc, A. C., 1986: Quart. J. Roy. Meteor. Soc.
    Ide et al (1997) on Unified Notations for Data Assimilation.

    Book section on Random Variables

    Huang (2000) MWR paper on various 3D analysis methods and corresponding analysis package. Download the package, examine the source code and run the analysis experiments with included data. Plotting program is also included. A user documentation file, analab_docs.pdf is found in the package.

    3DVAR Assimilation of GPS Data

    Optimiation Methods

    Homework assignment No. 4. The ANALAB package to be used, including the input data, is here.

    Knowledge Expectations for Exam 2

    Recipes for Adjoint Code Construction (Giering and Kaminski 1998).
    Errico, R. M., 1997: What is an adjoint model? BAMS