Resources for manuscript preparation

  • Use of Endnote software for reference management and automatic compilation. OU has a site license. Obtain it from You should learn it - it will save you a huge amount of time if you write often. Ming Xue has a large collection of references in his Endnote Library file that he can share with his students and collaborators (ask for it from him).  His students are strongly encouraged to use the same library files for their papers, because Endnote uses record numbers of references in the library to cite the papers, and the record numbers are specific for individual libraries (i.e., writings using different libraries cannot be easily merged).  

  • AGU Tools for Authors
  • AGU Grammar and Style Guide for Authors and Local copy
  • Vector graphics editing software Adobe Illustrator - you are strongly recommended to learn it. It makes preparing for publication-quality graphics a lot easier.  It can used to directly edit vector graphics, including editting contours (e.g., changing line color, thickness, overlaying different contour fields, etc, not faking them though!), and adding labels. OU has a site license for Illustrator as part of the Adobe CC Suite, and it can be installed directly from by signing using OU's account. 
  • Many resources are available on the web for learning Illustrator, including Adobe site and Youtube (search for yourself).