CAPS IHOP (International H2O Project) Research Group

This site provides a focal point for research and related activities of the CAPS IHOP group.

(Notice: This site is intended for internal use only. Use of unpublished results from this site can be only done with permission from the author(s). Contact Dr. Ming Xue at if you have any question)

Project Summary of NSF ATM-0129892.

Project Summary of NSF ATM-0530814.

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2002 IHOP Realtime Forecast

Data for IHOP Period

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Updating This Web Site

Members of our IHOP group can modify files at this web site. The directory is stratus:/home/www/html/ihop. If you create new files, make sure that you set the group ownership of the new files to ihop, by entering  "chgrp ihop file_or_directory_name(s)", and make these files group writable (chmod g+w filename). Password protected files should be placed inside directory protected.