Numerical Simulations of Supercell Storms

2 hour simulation of the 1977 Del City, OK supercell storm.
64x64x16 km domain was used, with dx=dy=1km and dz=500m. ARPS model was used.

The Dell City sounding and hodograph are here.

Animation of vertical velocity (color shaded contours, only positive values shown), vertical vorticity (positive solid and negative dashed contours), and horizontal perturbation wind vectors at 4 km height level.

Animation of simulated reflecitivty (color), vertical velocity (contour), perburbation potential temperature (gray shading), and horizontal wind vectors at 250m above ground.


Simulation with modified Del City sounding with uni-directional vertical shear, i.e., straight hogograph.

Same fields at 4km height.

Same fields at the 250m AGL.