Email on html animation: 

 Dear METR3334 class, 

 It turns out that Windows web browser (I tried Edge) works fine with '/' in the directory path of file names so there is no need to replace '/' with '\'. However, there is problem with ':' in the directory name so I removed it from the directory and filenames. You can redownload the animation notebook file and run it. 

 After images are generated inside GFS_2022-03-22T00_pngs, you can create a tar file for downloading, by entering the following command within the Terminal Window within the directory that contains directory GFS_2022-03-22T00_pngs: 

 tar cvf GFS_2022-03-22T00_pngs.tar GFS_2022-03-22T00_pngs 

 This will create tar file GFS_2022-03-22T00_pngs.tar that you will download together with GFS_Forecasts2022-03-22T00:00.html to your Mac or Windows disk. 

 On your Mac untar this tar file by entering 'tar xvf GFS_2022-03-22T00_pngs.tar' within your Mac Terminal window or double click on it within Mac Finder. 

 On your Windows, use your favorite program to untar. gives a few methods. 

 After untar, GFS_2022-03-22T00_pngs should be created that contains all the pngs files, and it should be located within the same directory as GFS_Forecasts2022-03-22T00:00.html. Now you can open GFS_Forecasts2022-03-22T00:00.html using your web browser (with Chrome under File/Open File) or try double clicking the html file or right click and open with a web browser. Then you should be able to play the animation. Click on Faster button to play it faster. 

 If you have access to a website that allows uploading of html files and images, upload the html and image folder, you will be able to play the animation by entering the URL. Try the following link: